The Cell Phone Guide For Newbies!

If you’re getting fed up with buying new ringtones every time you upgrade your phone (not to mention paying over five bucks for a few second audio snippet, when you can get a whole song for $1.69!), you’ll be glad to know that if you have an iPhone, there is a simple way that you can make your own ringtones from any song, for free. Make as many as you like, using any recording for a ringtone… without paying a cent. Here’s how!

Mobile phones are a way of life. We can hardly work with ease if we do not have our mobile phone with us. We have different taste with others. Do you know that even with a simple tone on your mobile phone you can express who you are? Yes, that is true. We show others what we want to listen by playing a ringtone mp3 that we like most. I usually listen to songs that capture the heart, so my mobile phone’s tone is about love.

If your song comes from a CD, iTunes will tell you off (*bong!*), and let you know that only songs purchased from the iTunes store can be converted to ringtones. You can safely ignore that – simply follow these steps. Right click on the song you have chosen, and go to Get Info.

Yes I do realize that getting the tones directly on my phone is basically not free. It does cost in the sense that one is charged for the data usage (i.e. cell phone company charges you for downloading anything on the phone directly).

A ringtone maker allows you to take the favorite part of your favorite song into a ringtone. Generally there is a charge for the Internet time used on your cell phone.

The site with the most updated database and wider collection of downloadable titles is always the best choice. However, you should also scrutinize the quality of the ringtone mp3 file. The site should also hold a good consideration of the customers’ security, privacy, and safety. The value of downloads should also be reasonable and free of hidden extra charges. You might also want to check the site’s stand on copyright laws.

The rings that come standard on your phone are amusing, but they can get tiresome quickly. If you have a newer phone with internet access you have a lot of other options. The manufacturer’s website will undoubtedly offer you the choice of buying new tones.

For me, review sites are the best source for quality products. Having a quick glance at their forums or articles will make things easier for you to get quality tones and other content online.

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