Gel Candles Are Fun To Make And Earn From

A great skill to learn is candle making. So many people want to learn how to make candles for different reasons. Some may be looking for a new hobby. For others candle making is part of a profitable business. So if you are interested in making candles, whatever the reason, you begin by acquiring all the start up materials.

Step # 4. When the wax is melted then take the time to add one of the fragrances and one of the colors. This is going to be the center of the candle so you may want to make this the darkest color and the heaviest scent. Mix it all together well.

Most of the tools are things you already have in your home. For heating the wax an electric stove will work well. Use a pot, fill it half way full of water, then put a clean, used can to put the wax in. Bring the water to a boil and the wax inside will slowly melt. When you are done with the can used to melt the wax you can just through it away. Easy clean up! Next you will need a mold of some sort. It can be anything you have at home, a glass jar or a paper cup. These are the only tools you will need.

If you are looking for creative Candle making team building ideas then all that you need to do is just look around you, if you already know how to make candles or if you are just learning all you have to do is be creative. Make unique molds, use glitter, trinkets, you name it, the choice is yours just be safe and keep your imagination going. Now if you want to make my sea coral candle here is a list of what you are going to need.

Candle making molds come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, as well as material. See, as people have begun to make their own candles, a new crop of candle making molds have popped onto the scene to meet the demand and allow hobbyist to experiment. One popular type is the aluminum mold, which is durable and very heat tolerant. These are great for generating a smooth finish. They also do not leave a line or “seam” in the completed product.

First Candle Making tip – For the thrifty, smart or when considering your business ROI (return on investment), shop the bargain stores and craft stores when they offer discounts.

As always, I believe that the first and only place to look when you are looking for a candle making book is going to be online. When you look for ebooks in place of real books you are not only going to have just as wide a variety, you are also going to save money as most of the time the ebooks are cheaper. The reason they are less expensive is because there is no middle man, no shipping or handling, and no paper needed. With all of this stuff out of the way you are still going to get the same great quality information about making candles at half the cost!

Now melt the wax, do this by cutting the wax in to chunks and placing these chunks in the top pot of the double boiler, fill the bottom pot half way up with water. Make sure that you stir often and check the temperature as well, the wax should be ready between 150 degrees and 190 degrees. When this is done pour the wax in to the mold, however, right before you do this add the scent and mix in well. When it comes to scented candle making you are always going to want to add the scents right before you pour the wax in the mold. When the wax is in the mold simply put it to the side to dry for 24 hours. When this time has passed remove the candle from the mold and trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch, you are all done with scented candle making!

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