3 Simple Motivation Tips For Your Goal Setting Activities

A great way to build a stronger team is to increase the understanding that every member has with regard to the part they play in the team and the part that all other members play. The more a person knows about how they contribute to the whole the more motivation they will have to do their best. If everyone does their best the teams will always succeed. It is just that easy.

Sometimes it’s too much for you as a parent to handle all the running about for your children’s activities. I’m fortunate in that two of my daughter’s activities are right after school, and it’s a five minute walk back home, so those Team building activities Singapore have little impact on me. Having to drive her to her art class one night a week and her brother to soccer practice once or twice a week plus a game on Saturdays, isn’t so bad.

For the best results, make sure you mix up the teams when doing these team building activities. There are always small groups of people who tend to hang out during breaks at work, so make sure that they are split up when possible, to encourage the forming of new bonds with people they might not know as well.

This is a simple exercise designed to build trust and communication skills. It can be performed inside or outside and doesn’t require any special equipment. First prepare the mine field. This is simply a matter of placing objects on the ground like balls or Styrofoam cups or plates within a designated “field”. Next randomly pair up members of the Team building activities. You can draw names out of a hat if that works for you. The idea is for one member to negotiate the mine field with their eyes closed based on the guidance of the second member. So basically you have one team member who cannot see or talk being led by another who can both see and talk but who must not touch or physically guide the other.

Firstly, that the focus for the day is on learning rather than out-and-out belly laughter generating fun. In real life, distractions play an enormous part in shaping how effective a team is. How a team is set up to handle sometime vital distractions and sometimes trivial ones is a key element in how well it performs overall. In that instance, such distractions can add to the quality and relevance of the debriefing session and overall be a positive addition to the team building mix.

11. Murder Mystery Activity – A murder mystery will challenge all to think strategically and make the connection between the facts to solve the crime. Both entertaining and mentally stimulating this activity will expose group dynamics and is a group team building activity.

This activity may seem a very succinct form of their daily jobs. But the fact prevails that it would be far too effective, since they are now doing it within a short span of time, say 15 minutes. This implies they must brainstorm & they have extremely less time to analyze too much. This gives them less time to counter each other’s ideas and hence they would bond better. At the end of the activity, their mutual respect would have escalated by considerable margins.

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