What Is A Car Restoration?

One of the most puzzling things about shopping for relatively expensive services (more than $500) like home remodeling, cosmetic surgery, and auto body repair is the wide range of price quotes you receive for essentially the same service. When I ran an auto body shop, we would see quotes from big name shops of $2000 for a front bumper and grille replacement. Sometimes, we could do the job for $1000 and still make a fair profit.

Get more than a single estimate. Take down notes of what kind of repairs you need according to the first shop you go to. Also, consider the cost of those repairs. Then try calling three or four more other shops and ask them how much they would charge for the same work that the first shop tells you about. You may talk with a variety of businesses such as chain outlets, dealerships and independent car shops.

OA blast from the past. Collect those antiques from your favorite antique shops, garage sales and flea markets or even from your very own attic and sell them. You can parade your old goodies at weekend fairs, antique cooperatives and evening your garage or you can auction them online.

In addition, the cost of the work may vary significantly. If you have been in an accident and need to have your car repaired, you may not want to shop around and compare prices. However, you may be able to save thousands of dollars by taking the time to do just that.

As you can imagine, because the service requires less material and labor, the costs to repair a vehicle at an auto body shop el paso texas performing paintless dent removal is significantly less than other shops.

These shops claimed to be custom fab and paint shops but all carried pre assembled bikes. At one shop I noticed a sign that charged ninety dollars per hour for sheet metal work yet they had no equipment what so ever to bend or shape the smallest piece. After talking to the owner he had mentioned to me that he could build me a gas tank for 2,800 but would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery from their “out source tank builder”. I don’t know about everyone else but I am what you would call a neat freak. and I couldn’t believe the disrepair and general “messiness” of these so called professional shops.

One, often overlooked, element of customizing your ride is choosing a body shop. It isn’t enough to just have the parts. The body kit also needs to be painted, and if you don’t take the time to choose a shop that can do it right the first time, you may find yourself disappointed when your body kit is installed.

Perception is everything, from start to finish. Think about your own buying habits. You will pay more for something that you believe in. If you have 2 sandwich shops, one that you know and one unknown, the one you know charges $1.00 more for your favorite lunch, the other place charges less. Would you gamble on an unknown? For $1.00, I would rather eat knowing that I will depend on a goof lunch. Maybe you would save a $1.

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