Waterproofing Your Leather Goods

You can make pretty things out of leather. If you are interested about leather crafts, you can avail of books where you can start on some basic lessons and create your own gifts for your friends and loved ones. In doing your leather crafts, you have to buy all your craft things and tools from craft stores. Then you can start your basic leather making.

My best advice to all when it come to stains in your leather car seats, and that is to be conscious of what you do, try to keep our little Picasso’s pen free, keep our food out of our cars, roll the windows up and sunroofs closed, and always remember to treat the leather with your Lexol Conditioner on a regular basis, this helps to keep the leather car seats protected and soft and makes it easier to get the spills and accidents from turning into disasters.

Styles are meant to offer the comfort and design that the various sexes want while still meeting the needs cyclist have. Jackets have various types of leather options that include texture and color choices. You can still get those motorcycle jackets covered with patches, but there is a whole lot more out there too.

If the water hasn’t puckered the leather and has just left a stain, a little trick I learned from my good friend Dwain Berlin with Leather Craft Secrets, and you go to your bread box in the kitchen for this one. Take a piece of bread and roll it up into a ball and rub and blot the area with the bread ball, works pretty good. Dwain has a lot of great advice for leather care, and if your interested in some great fun with leather making workshop go check out his book, it’s quite impressive and I myself learned a few things.

Leather pants are not only a fashion symbol, but are in some cases they are used for security and safety for bikers. They are also good for bikers to aid them in adventurous activity by protecting from hitting ground as well from cold waves. Another type of leather making trousers is a leather chap. These consist of a leather belt and leather covering for the trousers. These leather chaps are commonly related to the cowboy culture, and are used during work or while riding a horse.

KEY NOTE: As previously mentioned, before applying any cleaning solution to any fabric, cloth or leather, always find an inconspicuous place to test the solution. Some products may lighten or darken the color of the leather. First, be sure that what you are going to use will cause no damage. Secondly, convince yourself that the results will be what you expect, with no surprises.

Now you have the confidence to stand back and know your dye will stay and your job was done right. I have been dyeing leather seats for a long time and I would love to hear your input on Leather Resurfacing. There are so many different things you will run into when dyeing a leather seat, so drop me a question or 2.

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