Top Internet Video Marketing Websites

With the advent of MP3 players and streaming software like Spotify this is now a lot easier than it used to be, and saves you the annoying job of leaving a hand to turn over a record or change a CD.

However, if you convert PowerPoint to Flash video, you can upload PowerPoint to video sharing websites to share with others, Email PowerPoint to your friends and others cannot modify the content in your PowerPoint any more.

Ah, but I forgot… you’re the “professional”. Let’s just make a flash intro page with a huge animation with little or no relevancy to your industry and a big link that says “CLICK HERE TO ENTER”. I guess that just fixes everything now doesn’t it? Better yet, why don’t you skip the enter link so we have to sit through your entire flash intro, that’s how to really impress your customers. Now, tell me, why doesn’t your website show up in the search engines? Must be some kind of conspiracy, yeah…

I bet you have taken lots of photos with your family and friends in the past years. We used to develop the photos and place in photo frames near us. But now the photos are probably lying silently in your hard drive, flash drive or memory card. Why not take use advantage of them and DIY your personalized Christmas photo gift?

Make sure you incorporate your website information (web address) into your video. This is a very important step because if a viewer is interested in your product/service, he can to click to your website. It is also a good practice to add a custom documentary background music royalty free which can make your visitors associate with your business – subconscious marketing.

Ensure your video has good quality content and information, if you want to get traffic and sales. Your videos must be worth watching and worth sharing. Keep it short and to the point – people do not have the time and patience to sit through a long video. Don’t worry if your video is under 5 minutes – you are merely showcasing a sample of your expertise and arousing their interest to find out more.

MD: I think it’s cool to be out of my element here. The exposure to new and different challenging things will definitely have a huge impact on future KH songwriting. I feel lucky to have this opportunity, and for the fans and bandmates to allow it.

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