These Halloween Ghosts Are Anything But Cheesy

Everyone loves a new film. Thrillers, action packed suspense, and comedy can be just the thing to settle down to after a long day. But not everyone knows if they want to buy them outright. Watch movie trailers online today to see what you want, when you want, before rushing to the video store for that next big rental.

Sadly though I cannot remember a single one of these books. When I saw that Goosebumps movies were being aired on television this month though I of course set up my TIVO to catch every episode.

The first location on your list should be the Central City Masonic Cemetery. The masons are a dark and mysterious group to begin with and when you add ghosts to the mix, they become even more fascinating. The cemetery is frequently the site of mysterious floating orbs of light. Visitors have also seen a little boy lurking the grounds late at night, as well as a women in black that appears twice a year. The little boy is likely an apparition, while the woman is completely real. She puts columbines at the grave of John Edward Cameron. This is similar to the tradition of a bottle of cognac being place on the grave of Edgar Allen Poe on the author’s birthday.

Last summer I stayed in Tell City, IN for awhile and during my stay I kept hearing all these stories of plague pits of london located at this crash site. Of course, I had to go check it out. I heard stories of people actually seeing the ghost of the pilot, to hearing a plane actually crash, to hearing the cries of the passengers, to the smell of burning flesh.

At the turn of the th century the area that Paranormal blog online the hotel is situated on was a forbidding outer fringe of New Orleans. A writer of the era described the area as a place of “Foul deeds and midnight murders”.

This one is a very common belief. Aliens are visiting us and watching our every move. Perhaps they are studying us, our lives, our bodies. The one’s who support this theory believe that the aliens are disguising themselves as Shadow People and are waiting their opportunity to abduct us.

If you’ve had an experience with Shadow People, please let us know. Publishing your story could really help the other people who have had or are having to deal with these nasty little beings. And of course, we will not reveal your identity.

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