Teach Your Baby Math – First With Books Then The Thirst Will Come!

Why is it amazing? It’s an educational system that speaks your child’s language (computers! / Video games!) Imagine your child dreaming of a math book for Christmas or wishing for a spelling book for Hanukah. Yup – we’ve finally “tricked” the kids with the Leapster. I am going to explain what’s so great about this game. At the end I will tell you where you can get a sale on Leapster.

So, do we simply let the numbers speak for themselves and put a “C” down for his first semester? In my way of thinking, the grade isn’t exclusively based upon or about “the numbers.” it’s about what has been learned and achieved. I would justify giving him a “B” by weighting the second quarter more, maybe 60%.

When I first signed on, I thought I would prefer elementary school. I was registered at my boys’ school and the calls just weren’t coming in. But my daughter’s middle school always had openings.

While all of the above may be true to some degree, “grades and grading” are still the standards by which students are evaluated at middle and high school levels. It’s the standard means by which GPAs (grade point averages) are established. Presenting a one-page transcript to a college admission’s staff member that lists courses taken and grades earned makes their job easier when it comes to considering your student for admission. GPA’s and SAT scores are often combined and serve as the way colleges and universities extend financial awards and scholarships to students they believe will succeed at their institutions.

Many students are now learning “new math” and are hopefully finding long division a bit more logical than I did as a 9 year-old. Back then, however, we just learned a series of “random” steps that seemed meaningless to me. I was horribly confused and totally overwhelmed. I felt stupid and felt like the end of my world was directly in front of me because I was NEVER going to “get it!” Gallons of tears were shed over my R.S Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude Book in Hindi that year!

Once you establish the routine of math work being done at home, you can start to relax. As with many things, setting up the routine early with your child helps them establish good study habits. So know that your time committed to your child every evening will pay dividends later. Fights will be avoided and a good math homework routine will have made your teen a success.

It is also a good idea to take a change of clothes with you. They may have called you in for PE that morning, but by the time you arrive, they have decided you will be in a Literature class (and sweats just won’t do). Take it in stride and be ready for changes in assignment and schedule (and the occasional fire drill).

Read alouds to celebrate this special day are “The Perfect Pop-Up Punctuation Book” by Kate Perry, “Punctuation Celebration” by Elsa Knight Bruno, “The Punctuation Station” by Brian P. Cleary, and “Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts!” by Lynne Truss. Put sentence strips in a pocket chart and help children learn this punctuation song, which has a rap or a blues version.

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