Raise Money In Today’s Economy Leveraging Private Loans

The same can be said in the Investing World. How do you, as a retail investor, rank in this food chain? Let’s try to understand how the Investing Hierarchy looks like.

The ‘guilty’ adult — the one doing that’s getting it wrong — is completely oblivious to this. They honestly think they’re doing it right. Ok, they recognise that there’s a big problem but don’t have any idea that they’ve been a big part of creating the problem… It has to be the child, doesn’t it? The same old story in a slightly different form…

Of course, I won’t end it like that…almost sounds like there is no hope. the truth is, there is hope. But Pat has to change thinking and realize you must first give, before you can get.

Pat has saved as much money as possible, but only is able to come up with a very small amount. The amount Pat has, is a lot less than one would normally expect to pay to start a farm, but that does not stop Pat from being self-confident. Thinking positively, (and being proactive and not letting “negative people” dampen spirits), Pat decides to take all the money available and use as down payment buy a plot of land anyway.

What else will the Smart garage of the future have? Lots of things and some we may not have even considered. I bet that when you sit in your car it will ask you where you are going and when you state where you’re going and it will pull up a GPS and the garage will be hooked to the Internet to check for weather, detours, construction, traffic and road conditions, which will all be WiFi to your car and put into the GPS as you back out.

Capitalist and Entrepreneurs who manage to get their companies public listed would be the first to know of critical information that would affect their stock prices. One level below these individuals is high worth individuals who would provide initial capital to ambitious Entrepreneurs. Venture Capitalists, who provide significant credit star funding scam to take the corporation to higher levels, are next on the hierarchy. One step below the venture capitalists is the Investment Bankers who provide financing, underwriting, and distribution to take a corporation public. These individuals are the top predators in the world on investing. They would have access to information that is not yet made known to the investing public.

Common sense tells us that the more goals we are saving for the less we can contribute to each goal. For example, if you have $1,000 each month to put toward your financial goals and you have 10 goals in total, that equals $100 allocated toward each goal right? And if you only have 2 goals you can now save $500 toward each goal. Pretty simple stuff here but the point is, there’s only so much money to go around unless you start thinking outside of the box. As you know, the real problem is that student loan debt payments take up such a large portion of your monthly income that there’s a big challenge in finding the money to pay bills, loans, housing expenses, save for your retirement and college for your kids. As a result, most families end up sacrificing one or several goals in order to meet others.

The fact is that there are a number of good money making online systems. So while deciding which one you are going to invest in, make sure it is something that will really excite you. Enthusiasm is viral. If you’re excited about it, then all you prospective customers will want to get in on that feeling. Your dedication and involvement is easily sniffed out by your public. It will be the ultimate factor to your financial future making money online.

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