Lightness Of Being: Stress

The time is near. It is midnight as the El Al Israel plane touches down at the Ben Gurion airport amid the joyous singing of the Israelis on board. Shalom…shalom…Our journey to the Holy Land begins with a Hebrew song…

That person just cannot fail to have all round success. This is how the Word confirms that assertion: “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; How to be mindful on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Joshua 1:8.

This article, as many of my articles, are much easier to understand when the reader is a meditator. For some mysterious reason, a calm mind resulting from meditation, or contemplative prayer, can easily read complicated metaphysical articles, or the bible, and understand them at very deep levels.

I have a vision. A vision that we all have a gift and that gift was given to us by our creator. It is our task to find that gift and develop it into it’s true potential. While doing this task, I realize that at each monemt we only have the NOW. This NOW is our’s to use effectively or non-effectively. That is our only choice. That is our decision but we have to make it NOW.

For example, you know for a fact that there are some things that people and companies will always pay other people to do for them. Choose one of those things that you like, learn how to do it and then work at being the person who renders the service better than anyone else.

You’ll be able to also check for the ovulating day by measuring your basal body temperature. To get the most effective outcomes, it really is important that you check your temperature when you wake up. You can maintain the thermometer within your night stand to ensure that it might be the initial thing you do when you wake up. Maintain track of your temperatures each morning for about month. You’ll start noticing a pattern and will also see a rise in temperature. When it begins to rise, then it means that you might be ovulating.

One should always consult a qualified physician before starting or ending a medical treatment. Healing stones are not meant to cure or treat disease or illness, rather, their energies are used to enhance those treatments prescribed by a physician. Please, always follow the directions of your doctor!

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