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My mother always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. I never really understood that idiom until this week. I am persona non grata on Facebook. Sunday afternoon, when trying to “like” a local pizza place, I was asked to sign in to Facebook. After verifying my date of birth, I received a message that said, “Thank You. You should receive an email from us soon. We appreciate your patience as we complete this process.” After countless emails to Facebook and a few internet searches, I learned that this may have something to do with an Instagram account. I eventually got an email from Facebook asking me to sign in, and while doing so, provide a copy of my government issued id in color. I have done all that multiple times and yet I am still waiting to be let back into Facebook.

Both the bartender and the owner had had enough. They removed the food from the bar, to which all four of the idiots protested, “amm no dung!”, confiscated their open bottle of wine, (the husband of the other drunk woman wanted to take it with them and did his best to ask if it could be re-corked. He didn’t like the answer he got), and the chef, who happens to be a really big guy, came out of the back and told the party it was time to go. NOW.

Google is your friend, use it! I love google. Google tells me everything I need to know about anything I need to know. Google can also be your safety net to double check information. We can all be our own personal fact checkers. If goggle doesn’t work, go to facebook, twitter, or instagram curtidas. The point is not to be a stalker or a secret CIA agent, but you do want to protect yourself and verify information. So if you have a full name (which you should after 3 conversations), google it, if you have a picture, google it, if you have a email address google that too. The more you can verify information, the safer you will be.

I’ve had to learn to be patient and trust that even though it’s not the way I imagined things would go down, maybe it’s supposed to be the winding road for me… our new album *pleiades* is exactly that. It took so long to make it and fund it, but I feel really proud of the music we created. I hope people find out about it and have a chance to listen to it- I feel like the music speaks for itself.

Learning about the ways you can do this is helpful as well as simple. There are sites that will help you will this process at a very reasonable rate. Learn how they operate and what the plan is for adding your new friends before you make the purchase however to avoid complications.

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However, the 32-year-old decided to call it a night early. “I didn’t stay out too late last night, bc I had to be up early, Kardashian Kollection shoot today w my sissys!” Kim tweeted.

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