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Are you a traveling bee? If you are, would you like to write about your experiences and about the fun adventures that you have had while on one of your trips? And maybe earn a bit along with the sharing? Here is a chance. People always like to talk about their experiences and their life. Why not take up the chance and with the added advantage of earning a bit of money.

However, it is an accepted fact that you cannot always access internet everywhere when you are traveling. The best alternative for maintaining your female travel blog is to make a note of all important things that you want to post on the blog on a piece of paper daily. These may include the places you visit and other things of interest and important events or thoughts. Once you get an opportunity to access the internet, you can easily post all the information on your blog. This way, you will not forget or miss anything concerning your travel blogging. There is no need for you to scratch your head to remember anything to put on your blog.

The question is straight, do you want to be a travel writer, that too an online travel writer. Here what you need to know. There are many options through which you can start your career as an online travel writer. Here are a few.

Blogging can also be broken down by the type of device used. A blog written on a mobile phone is called a moblog. An example that you can think of is Twitter, where you can send short messages and it will automatically update your readers that you have a new message.

If you travel frequently, consider becoming a travel blogger. Instead of writing about your trip after you return home and rest up, why not write as you go? Hit the highlights of your day before going to bed. Find the out of the way cafe and review their signature dish. Introduce your readers to the locals and interview them about the best places to see. Rent a bicycle or a moped and take off on your own and ride the road less traveled. Or walk the road less traveled and you may be surprised what you may find. Be careful where you walk or ride as you won’t be making money if you are sitting in jail.

You can post on blogs. As everybody knows, blogging is a hit. Almost everybody with thoughts blogs. About life, beauty, nature, about anything and everything. There are blog spots for each and every subject; you just have to choose which one to go for. In this article we are looking to be a travel blogger. So, you look for a reputed traveling blogs which lets net surfers and writers and travelers share their adventures with each other.

I was traveling South America when using the Internet for most people meant writing emails. So every once in a while, when I was in a bigger city I found a place where you could use the Internet (for an exorbitant price usually) and wrote some emails to my family and friends. I didn’t even know how to send an attachment, I mailed the discs with my texts via air mail to my publisher…

These are ways to use your blog to find freelance writing jobs. Remember when you write your blog be real and have passion for what it is you’re writing. Be of service to people and add value. You’ll be surprised at how much business and traffic you’ll generate. More importantly it will open doors to writing opportunities and happiness!

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