Have A Happy Valentine Day

The too-hot days of summer have passed and you’re left with warm afternoons and cool evenings, perfect for your wedding reception. Fall colors lean more to the rich earthy tones and your menu can be a hearty fall feast.

Across the globe in Tokyo, Japanese citizens have been joining the Irish in celebration since 1992. The Tokyo parade is organized by the Irish Network Japan (INJ) with the support of the Embassy of Ireland. The Japanese love a good party and they are particularly fond of all things Irish – including Irish setters and Guinness beer for about $8.00 a pint! However, popular St. Patrick’s Day parade highlights are the “free beer girls” who represent the local Irish taverns by handing out vouchers which are good for complimentary green beer.

You may agree with the concept of doing nothing, but in order to integrate it into your life, you need to dedicate time for it. First, get out your تقويم زينه and take a look at the week ahead. Is there anything on the schedule that you could skip out of? For example, do you have to sit on the benches for every soccer practice, or could you miss one from time to time?

On Saturday, there will be a Songkan pageant and parade. “Songkan” means new year in Lao. A Songkan pageant is called “Nang songkan,” which means “Miss New Year.” It showcases beautiful Lao women in their traditional Lao dresses. There will be Lao traditional dance and music as well as a parade. The beautiful Lao women then sit on the parade floats as people sing and dance as they parade around the temple.

On this Monday morning my girl rebelled against the concept of going to daycare. Monday mornings are always the toughest as both she and I make the move from spending a full weekend together. In the middle of her whining, she bursted out, But father, i want to spend a little time with you! She appealed to me, with her soulful brown eyes, and my heart liquified.

For an instant I froze, not knowing how I could doubtless go on with the routine of bringing her to day-care, now that she had narrated her heartfelt needs . What sort of father am I? And then, I gave her a large cuddle, assured her that we would spend time together at dinnertime, told her how much I loved her, sang her favorite I love you Barney song, and took her to the auto.

When you build value into your business and services, you build lifetime clients! Focus on using the suggestions above and your campers will feel appreciated and it will take a herd of elephants to get them to leave your camp!

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