Effective Internet Marketing For Pest Control Businesses

The issue of bedbugs first caught national attention in July of this year when the popular clothing line, Hollister, was forced to close its doors in a New York city store because the critters had bitten employees. Then, in September, two guests in a Pasco County Holiday Inn issued a formal complaint after claiming they were covered in bug bites after a one-night stay.

Businesses can setup mechanical traps with little effort. You’ll just need to monitor the traps daily in order to dispose of any catches. Putting glue boards down is also highly effective for keeping the rat and mouse population under control.

Make sure there is no stagnant water around your home. Crawl spaces that do not drain well, clogged gutters and overwatering your yard can all lead to stagnant water.

For maximum results though, it’s best that you hire a professional Austin Pest Control company to come in and do the job. They will ensure that any chemicals used won’t affect any employees or patrons to your business. It’s best that you sign a service contract so that a professional can come in every so often and ensure everything is in order.

But let’s back up a few steps. One way to prevent pests is to prepare the garden properly in advance, and keep it tidy and clean afterward. If you’re composting ahead of time, don’t use plant material that you already know had a disease or bug problem. Clean up dead material before you plant anything, and be sure the soil is well aerated and fertile. When you do put in your plants, place them in the conditions in which they grow best. If they are meant to grow in full sun, or shade, or part-shade, then put them in that sort of location. Keep the garden clean as the season progresses, by throwing away dead leaves, deadheading the flowers, and weeding.

Though harmless, these black and reddish-orange bugs commonly gather in large groups, sometimes several thousand at once, which makes them a nuisance. Box elder bugs also like to camp out on the side of homes and snack on flowers and leaves which puts your gardens at risk of destruction.

They’re designed to keep rubble out of the gutter, but the leaves may cling to the screening or the strainer, so they also may keep water from the gutters, essentially negating the effectiveness of your drainage system.

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