7 Steps To Effective Presentation Skills

We’ve all been exposed to a terrible presenter or instructor. The minutes drag by while the presenter seems oblivious to the reactions and needs of the audience. As an educator I know that there are several elements that are essential in creating a successful presentation. One of the most important is pacing. You should strive for a pace that moves quickly enough to maintain interest but allows enough processing time for the audience to comprehend the information. Processing time is the secret that will set your presentation apart from most of your competition.

I realize this sounds a tad cynical, so think of it from another perspective. Would you want the work that represents you to be anything less than the best it can possibly be? I suggest twenty images for a portfolio. If you cannot come up with twenty technically flawless images, perhaps you should take some time before presenting a portfolio.

Think of a report you’re required to write and ask the boss/client if you can scrap it. Show the boss what you’ll do in the time saved. Please do try this because some bosses don’t have time to think about the value of every report. So by not having to do a report you help yourself and your organisation.

Number 8. Develop your interpersonal skills – communicate well. It is imperative that you enhance your ability to communicate. Look for ways to presentaion skills. If you are able to communicate with every level of employee within an organization, including upper management this will do more to help you stand out.

I often find myself disappointed that inspirational leaders who seem to achieve great results in all other areas of their business do not always inspire when it comes to public speaking.It should be a no-brainer that the leaders of an organisation should be fabulous on their feet? We expect them to be passionate and articulate and to motivate their employees and clients alike? Yet so often we find that they just fall short.

He developed his method while teaching a five day immersion course on public speaking. Rolfe noticed that by focusing on the most important building blocks and eliminating minor items that few people use, he could get outstanding results from students extremely quickly.

And if you follow these rules and still lose (and you still will sometimes), don’t give up. Keep plugging and always honestly evaluate what you did, right and wrong. Always work to improve your presentation skills. Success in new business and in life comes to those who won’t be denied.

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