6 Simple Ways To Appear Assured And Dramatically Reduce Fear Of Public Speaking

Imagine you are scheduled to say a few words in public in the very near future. You are probably nervous. Maybe you are even panicking. Possibly you are starting to think of how to skip this speech. Relax. You are one among millions who gets butterflies in stomach when asked to say few words in public. We do admire several people who possess this wonderful skill – public speaking and one of my favorites off late is the American President Barack Obama.

A Solutions Focussed approach would likely say something like “Tell me what it would look like if you were no longer shy. What would you be doing? Who would you be talking to? What would you be saying to them? How would you be feeling?” They wouldn’t be focussing on the past, only on how the future could be.

Finally! Yes, facts count. But not in the way you think. A few choice eye-popping facts will blow your audience away – and have them sitting up, paying close attention.

Your intonation and pitch. Can you choose a topic to emphasise existing events that might be considerable for your audience? Is it a skilled organisation and so on?

One-on-one apologies are fairly simple to do. However, when we’ve done something that has offended a larger group of people, then that’s when our presentaion skills are going to have to come into play and the true importance of public speaking is going to have to save the day.

With online coaching in presentation skills, learning how to tell persuasive stories is faster and easier than ever before. Use the grab-and-go training method – and work with a personal coach to get the attention you deserve.

For less than one dollar you can have a Dale Carnegie coach in your pocket. The app includes 90 minute videos for every situation, time tested worry principles, human relations principles, valuable tips for motivating you and your team, and a daily dose of confidence. No matter how many Dale Carnegie books you’ve read or how many trainings you’ve attended, it is always good to have a pocket reference. And this is a lot of reference information for a small price.

As stated above, eye contact is immensely important. By making eye contact with your audience, you are establishing an important connection with them that will make them just as passionate about what you have to say as you are. Do not make the mistake that so many others do of reading off your notes for the entire speech. This will do nothing but bore your audience and your speech will certainly not get a very loud round of applause at the end.

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