5 Ways To Save Time While Cleaning House

Located on the west side of 6th Avenue between B and C Streets, this hole in the wall Thai restaurant is just a block south of Copley Symphony Hall (home of the San Diego Symphony) and 8 blocks north of Petco Park (home of the San Diego Padres major league baseball team). It was voted first place in Ethnic Restaurant by the Union-tribune readers for 2007 and 2008…. I don’t know if it really deserves that ranking with so many good ethnic restaurants around downtown, but it sure is a good place to dine in or order take out flavorful and relatively healthy one-entree lunch for $10 or dinner for $15.

There are basically two kinds of upholstery cleaning methods; the first is the wet cleaning method which uses hot water. Steam cleaning too falls under this category. Since this makes use of steam, you have to use a special machine besides the particular solutions and detergents. Before you begin on the upholstery cleaning what you need to do first is to remove all the cushions which are loose. Put a rag or an old towel below the upholstery so as to catch the water that will start dripping. Then you can begin to clean. For better results, you should try curtain cleaning small areas at a time.

You should curtain cleaning give advices to your sales staff a reason to go out there and sell your products. Why do you think so many businesses have incentive programs in place?

If your couch is made of true suede materials, then it is not that difficult to clean. The couch may excrete foul odor though due to spills which have not been cleaned immediately. Vacuum-clean the couch together with the application of vinegar mixed with distilled water and baking soda. Remember not to apply too much and dab it only on those parts that stink.

Use reusable cotton bags to bring home groceries. Plastic bags pose a huge problem to the environment. Hundreds of thousands of marine mammals such as sea turtles and whales die from eating discarded plastic bags every year. Plastic bags are nonbiodegradable. When purchasing 6 pack sodas, always take care to cut the plastic rings into smaller pieces. Raccoons, possum and small animals can die from strangulation by these rings. It is estimated billion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year which comes curtain cleaning services to over one million per minute. Billions end up as litter. In the US, the estimated cost to retailers is US$4 billion (100 billion bags). In Africa a young industry has sprung up, collecting plastic bags and using them to weave hats and bags!

My first solution here would sound funny to at least some of you, but trust me, it’s worth a try. Mix equal quantity of water with liquid detergent and whip the solution with a hand beater until it produces some froth. Using a sponge scoop some of the solution onto the stained part of your rug and rub it gently. After you are done with enough rubbing, wipe the rug dry with a piece of clean cloth. Now let’s discuss the case of a wine-stain. It is easier to remove any stain if you treat them when they are fresh. Mix equal parts of liquid detergent with fresh hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the stain. Blot and apply again if you find it necessary. Rinse using warm water and allow drying. When it dries up you will obviously experience the change on your rug.

This is just a general list of items to include in a vacation rental property. You may want to add your own touches. If you live in a deed restricted community with a pool, tennis courts, golf course, etc. you should give a set of rules and regulations for proper use of the facilities.

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